Rachel Platten’s second full-length album for Columbia Records may be called Waves, but rest assured she puts nothing between her and the listener on the illuminating effort. “It’s me with no filter,” she says. “Showing all my sides. I never felt so free creatively.” Co-writing every song, and working with stellar songwriters and producers including Ryan Tedder, Stargate, Jason Evigan, Ian Kirkpatrick, Nate Cyphert, Mitch Allan and Jon Levine, songs range from the shimmering unshackling of “Broken Glass,” to the sultry, infectious “Shivers.” More intimate songs such as the bewitching “Collide,” the piano-tinged “Hands” and the album’s moving closer “Grace” reflect the unguarded side of the talented singer songwriter. “I felt like there were no rules on what this album had to sound like,” says Rachel.

That sense of abandon is even more revealing when you consider the expectations around Platten have been raised considerably the last few years. Few artists in the past decade have struck a chord of hope and resilience like she did with her empowering triple platinum hit “Fight Song.” Listeners instantly adopted the transformative anthem as their own, linking fans’ tales of personal empowerment across the globe. The multi-platinum selling single topped countless radio and iTunes charts worldwide, with Rachel’s Gold-certified, major label debut album “Wildfire,” released by Columbia Records in 2016, launching the platinum Billboard Hot 100 hit, “Stand By You.” And now, with 2017’s Waves and its rallying cry “Broken Glass,” Rachel again delivers a searing, emotionally and socially relevant pop gem that has connected audiences and moved women to stand up for each other while also amplifying the power of individuality.

Citing Waves as an honest effort at “showing her range of emotions,” the new album also reflects the winding journey of a female singer/songwriter who has earned her place as one of pop’s more spirited and authentic voices. Hailed by TIME as ‘a torchbearer or woman’s empowerment,’ she takes it all in stride. “With everything that’s happened to me I realized there is no top,” says Rachel. “You just circle it. I have so much more I want to do.”

Rachel Platten was born in New York City and raised in Massachusetts, returning to New York after college to set out on her music career. She began playing in coffee shops around New York City, branching out to small venues around the country that taught her how to command a room and earn the respect of audiences wherever she performed. Her uplifting brand of wistful pop sustained her through those ‘underdog’ years, with the tireless Rachel chipping away at the music business ceiling through dues-paying songwriting and live incarnations, gigging and touring at every opportunity. She says she turned “inward” to write ‘Fight Song,’” the result of an intensive period of songwriting before re-emerging with the aspirational anthem and finding her ‘voice’ with the fiery hit. The singer has also been lauded for her cathartic live shows. She’s won multiple awards, including the 2016 Daytime EMMY Awards for Outstanding Musical Performance in a Talk Show/Morning Program for her television debut performance of “Fight Song” on Good Morning America.